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TOZEN Model PTM-A & PTM-AM series isolators are unhoused, spring, vibration isolators, designed for high deflection. The PTM-A employs the use of a single spring element, while the PTM-AM employs multiple spring elements for heavier applications. Both have a mounting base plate to allow the isolator to be bolted to a structure and a resilient washer as part of the non-skid acoustical pad to prevent the transmission of noise and vibration from the base plate and mounting bolt to the structure.
TOZEN Model PTM-AP is a series of unhoused spring vibration isolators consists of high deflection, laterally stable steel springs assembled with a leveling device at the top and non-skid acoustical pad at the bottom. It employs moulded rubber upper and lower holding cup with build in levelling feature and a mounting plate base to allow for bolting the isolators to the structure. Model PTM-AMS are multiple spring isolator for heavy loading applications.
TOZEN PTM-C spring vibration isolators consists of high deflection, laterally stable sprins assemble into telescoping cast iron housings which are complete with a 8mm thick noise absording pad bonded to bottom and with internal or external adjusting and leveling bolt as a part of the top assembly. Holes or slots are provided in all isolators for bolting to the structure. Model PTM-C spring isolators are available in standard deflection of 25mm with load capacity from 150 Kgs to 1,400 Kgs.
TOZEN PTM-D series vibration isolators consists of free standing laterally stable steel springs assembled into welded steel housing assemblies fabricated to limit vertical movement of the isolated equipments when equipment loads are reduced or if the equipments are subjected to large external forces Spring elemetns are completed with an internal adjusting and leveling bolt. 
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