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Tozen automatic air vent most widely used type of air valve and characterized by small orifices, weighted float and leverage mechanism. Combination of these features allow air vent to expel air or gas at full operating pressure. Tozen air vent divide into two type which are CAAV-B for PN 16 and DAAV-B25 for PN 25. Both threaded to BS 21(ISO 7) / ASME B1 20.1
Basket Type Strainer is a T-shape design. It is bolted cover with stainless steel perforated screen. Tozen provide with two type of basket type strainer which are CBS-A where flanged to ANSI CLASS 125 and CBS-B where flanged to BS 4504 with working pressure is PN 16.
Precision design ensures that an absolute shut off can be obtained for flow in either direction. Capable of meeting stringent specifications for various industries. Low head loss, low operating torque, superior corrosion resistance and light weight. Operator flange conforms to ISO 5211 adaptable for manual, electric and pneumatic actuators. Various parts, materials and flanged connections (wafer, lug and double flange type) are available.
Tozen BFV-W are soft sealing butterfly valves for installation with flanges drilled in accordance with JIS, ANSI, BS, DIN, etc. Actuator mounting flanges conform to ISO 5211.To ensure tight shutoff for application in chemical processing plants, power plant, refineries, shipbuilding, pulp and paper mills, and HVAC applications. Tozen butterfly valves are specially designed to strengthen the seal tolerance between disc and liner.
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